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Protect Your Health

What To Expect From An Allergist In Darien, IL

by Claire Ward

Dealing with allergies is never fun, yet most people end up having to do just that for at least a couple of months throughout the year. Many times allergies are due to mold and mildew within the home, but there are several reasons for allergies to persist within people at any given time. A visit with your doctor is a good start in figuring out a way to best minimize your allergies so you can enjoy life more. Sometimes it is necessary to find and work with a quality allergist in Darien, IL when over the counter treatments are not working and your regular doctor is at a loss about how to best handle your allergy treatment needs. There are many different types of treatments a good allergist in Darien, IL might try with you including: Dietary Changes Sometimes allergies are directly related to what you are eating or drinking on a regular basis. Because of this, many allergists may start eliminating certain foods from your diet to see if they might be causing your symptoms. It can take a few months to eliminate the right foods, but for many people this works wonders. Some people find that eliminating dairy is all it takes to get rid of their allergies, while others find that the gluten from wheat is the culprit. Other Lifestyle Changes There are many lifestyle habits that can bring on the symptoms of allergies such as smoking cigarettes, owning pets, and even wearing perfume. Almost any allergist in Darien, IL is going to want to sit down and go over your lifestyle habits in depth when working to provide you with effective allergy treatments. It is important to make sure that you are transparent as possible if you want to get the best results from your allergist's services. Leaving something out can make an impact on the effectiveness of any lifestyle changes your allergist in Darien, IL might suggest for you. Air Purifiers Your allergist might suggest that you purchase an air purifier to be used at your house while you are there. This can help to cleanse the air enough to provide you with relief from your symptoms throughout the night, when allergies tend to be the worst for most people who suffer from allergies. Small air purifiers for the car and the workplace can tremendously cut down on allergy symptoms if you find that cleaning the air at home works well. Prescription Medication Many times, an allergist will prescribe medication along with natural methods of allergy treatment in order to provide you with the most possible relief. Your allergist may prescribe just one medication or a combination of those he or she thinks might work the best. You may end up having to cycle through a handful of different medications before any of them seem to help relieve your allergy symptoms. One thing to remember is that medication only treats the symptoms, it does not deal with the cause of anyone's allergies. For this reason medication should never be relied upon alone when treating allergies long term. Don't Give Up! It can be frustrating to work with an allergist in Darien, IL to find treatments that actually work. In many cases, you will have to try a variety of different techniques before you start to see any results at all. Because of this, you will want to give any treatments offered by your allergist at least three months before deeming any treatment ineffective. If after a few months you are not getting the results you want, it may be a good idea to consider finding a new allergist to work with. You can learn more about living with allergies by clicking here.


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