Protect Your Health

Protect Your Health

4 Benefits Of Group Practice For Diabetes Patients

by Claire Ward

A diabetes diagnosis ensures you will need regular medical supervision to keep blood sugar levels in control. In addition, you might need continued care for complications stemming from your diabetes diagnosis. Although it might seem wise to develop a relationship with a single doctor, obtaining care from a group practice offers significant benefits. You will likely find the increased appointment availability, quick hospital response, varied methodology and combined strengths make group care clinics an ideal choice for your diabetes care needs.  Read on to learn more information.

Appointment Availability

Single practice doctors may be booked solid for weeks during the busy cold and flu season. On the other hand, practices with a group of six or more doctors frequently have appointments available within a day or two of calling in. Some group practices will even allow walk-ins if your condition warrants immediate assessment and treatment.

Availability is important when you require prompt care due to abnormal glucose readings or alarming symptoms. In addition, to stay on top of your condition, you should have a checkup performed once a month at least. At the routine visits, doctors will ask about symptoms and provide treatment suggestions. You can also have your prescription medication filled at that time.

Hospital Response

In addition to regular doctor visits, you might find yourself in the hospital on occasion from a sudden blood sugar crash or other medical emergency. Upon arriving at the emergency department, doctors there will attempt to contact your general practitioner for your medical history and medication list.

Group practice doctors have more freedom to take these calls in a timely manner and even come see you in the hospital. Your doctor may even collaborate with the emergency room team to get you back on your feet. Integrated care networks prevent repeated tests, procedures and medication trials, which could speed up your diagnosis and recovery.

Varied Methods

When a treatment protocol does not work, a new approach is needed. Single practitioner clinics often refer patients out when the initial approach fails to adequately treat the symptoms. However, this is not always necessary and could end up costing you big time. Deductibles, clinic fees and labs all cost significantly more when performing through a specialist's clinic.

A group practice gives you a chance to try out new methods without leaving the main clinic. Colleagues may work together or send you to the next doctor in line to find a novel approach to the problem.

Strength In Numbers

Group practice doctors' ability to collaborate during the diagnosis and treatment process is a major benefit of choosing this type of clinic. A thorough brainstorming session can often result in the generation of excellent treatment ideas that approach the symptoms or disease in a new way.

Physicians bring their unique backgrounds and training to the table when attempting to treat diabetes related symptoms and complications. The diagnosis of rare diabetes-related problems, like Pneumomediastinum, may rely on a particular doctor's ability to recall situations or training that encourages thinking outside the box.

Finding A Group Practice

To find the best group practice for you, either interview each doctor individually or just give the clinic a try. If you do not like the practice, you can always take your medical records elsewhere and try again.

At your first visit, expect your new doctor to perform blood tests to create a baseline of your health status. From there, you can work with your new team of doctors to formulate a treatment plan that controls your diabetes symptoms.

The plan might include insulin control medications or shots. Regular assessments will help your doctor verify if the proposed treatments adequately control your insulin production and blood sugar levels. Click here for info on finding the right clinics for you.


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