Protect Your Health

Protect Your Health

High Risk Pregnancy: How Can A Stair Chair Lift Protect You And Your Baby's Health?

by Claire Ward

If the stairs in your multiple story home are too difficult to climb during your high risk pregnancy, protect your health with a stair chair lift system. A stair chair lift is an effective way to ascend curved, sloped and straight staircases of all heights and widths. A chair lift reduces stress on your hips, legs, feet, and back because it has special features and accessories that improve your comfort and safety. Here's why you need a stair chair lift during your high risk pregnancy and how it helps you.

Why Should You Choose a Stair Chair Lift?

Keeping your body free of stress and tension is critical to staying healthy during your high risk pregnancy. A number of sources report that stress increases your risk for premature labor and other health complications during pregnancy. However, mental and emotional stress aren't the only problems that place you or your baby at risk. The physical stress placed on your hips, pelvis and back can also endanger your pregnancy, especially if you gain too much weight or experience problems in your legs.

If your high risk pregnancy keeps you from exercising properly and you gain weight as a result, you may experience a number of issues, including respiratory problems. The extra weight you gained compresses or squeezes your internal organs together, which makes it hard to breathe when you need to climb your stairs.

You may become dizzy or develop vertigo when this happens. Additionally, your shortness of breath or inability to breathe endangers your developing baby because there isn't enough oxygen traveling through your blood to their placenta.

Lifting your legs to climb the stairs in your home causes problems as well, especially if you suffer from poor circulation. Poor circulation encourages fluids to form beneath your skin and around the joints of your knees and hips. The symptoms can be both painful and discouraging for you.

If you don't lift your feet high enough to place them safely on the steps, or if you become exhausted while you climb your stairs, you can trip or fall and injure your baby.

How Can a Stair Chair Lift Help?

To combat the serious issues above, a stair lift features a wide seat that evenly distributes your weight and the weight of your growing baby. Most stair lifts come with vinyl seats and cushions that relieve stress on your buttocks and hips. The material absorbs shock and prevents soreness in your lower body when you use it.

A stair chair lift also features a supportive backrest that keeps your spine, hips and thighs properly aligned to prevent or reduce your pain. A number of stair chair lifts come with footrests that you raise to different comfort levels. This feature comes in handy if you need to elevate your feet to reduce swelling in your ankles.

A stair chair lift is also extremely useful during emergency situations. If you suddenly develop cramps or pains during the night and need to seek medical care at the hospital, you must have the ability to move from the upper floors of your home to the lower floors very quickly.

In addition, the chair uses electrical power and batteries to charge it. If the power goes out in your home, you can still descend the upper floors without having to walk down them.

Finally, you can have your supplier install a command mechanism and controller on the stair lift that calls it to the upper floors right away. This is a critical feature you can use if someone accidentally takes the chair back downstairs during the night.

Staying safe during your high risk pregnancy is essential. If you need more details about the stair chair lift system or its features, contact a supplier today. You can also click here to learn more


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