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4 Great Christmas Gifts For Allergy Sufferers

by Claire Ward

When it comes to buying Christmas gifts, some people are more difficult to buy for than others. Particularly if that person suffers from a number of different allergies, it can oftentimes feel difficult to decide on a suitable gift that will help them deal with their conditions. As such, below are four great gift ideas to consider when shopping for a known allergy sufferer:  

Ceramic Pots and Pans

Kitchenware is generally a gift given at weddings to help the happy couple in their new relationship. However, it is also a gift that the allergy sufferer will appreciate and get great use out of!  

Ceramic pots and pans are an excellent gift for people who suffer from multiple allergies as they often have to cook all of their meals from scratch. The pre-packaged meals that dominate shopping malls nowadays are often packed full of things that can set off allergic reactions, so giving someone some new kitchenware to help them cook will go a long way!  

Any pots or pans would be a good gift; however, consider going for ones made of ceramic as they come with a number of additional advantages. Firstly, they are mostly "stick-free", meaning they won't cause the common issue of having to peel food off of the surface. Secondly, they are usually a lot healthier as they don't require as much cooking oil when making food.  

Whichever option you go for, your friend will greatly appreciate the thought you've put in when buying their gift!  

Air Purifier

A great gift for those with dust-related allergies is an automatic air purifier to clean their indoor air. Despite many homeowners practicing a rigorous cleaning schedule, dust particles can appear out of nowhere and can cause allergy sufferers a great deal of trouble. Particularly if there are dust mites entrained in the air, allergy sufferers can experience intense coughing bouts or skin breakouts.  

The cost of the gift will depend on how extreme the person's allergies are. For those who take a particularly bad reaction to dust, it may be worthwhile investing in a more expensive unit that will clean the entire home. If the allergies are mild, it's best to install a smaller air purifier in the bedroom as this is the room you are in the most throughout the day.  

Digital Humidity Monitor

Humidity monitors are a great idea for those who suffer from mold or dust mite allergies. To control these allergies, it is important that humidity levels are kept at a reasonable level. This is near impossible to gauge by other means, so having a home humidity monitor will help allergy sufferers control the environment of their property.  

High humidity levels can quickly cause the spread of dust mites and mold. Although both love it, it isn't particularly good for allergy sufferers as mites and mold spores will begin to multiply at an extremely fast rate. If humidity is kept below about 40-50%, the environment will be too dry for mites and mold to spread, effectively killing them off without having to do very much.  

Purchasing a humidity monitor as a gift for an allergy sufferer can be a great way to let them know you understand their situation. Additionally, you can be (almost) certain that nobody else will think of this!  

Towels or Clothing Made from Unique Materials

Eczema sufferers have a difficult time when it comes to buying clothing or towels. Traditional material such as cotton or nylon can irritate their sores, making them scratch more aggressively. This can lead to the sores opening up, becoming unsightly and possibly leading to infection.  

As such, you have to be careful when buying clothes for eczema suffers. However, there are a couple of things that will make their life a whole lot better:  

  • Bamboo socks or jumpers are the ultimate luxury for eczema sufferers as the soft material won't irritate their condition.  

  • Towels made from 100% merino wool aren't as rough as regular towels and will be much easier on the skin.  

Purchasing either of the above gifts will be a sure way of letting your allergy-suffering friend know that you are thinking of them. For more ideas on how to help your loved one with allergies, consider talking to an allergy specialist like Diane L. Ozog, MD, SC.


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