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Protect Your Health

3 Considerations before Having a Tummy Tuck

by Claire Ward

An abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck, is a popular method to contour your abdominal area and help you achieve the figure you have dreamed about. When you are thinking about having the surgery, there may be additional factors you need to consider to determine the best timing to have the surgery and whether the procedure is right for your needs and .

Think about Family Planning

If you are a woman, whether or not you want to have children or have finished having children can factor into your decision to have a tummy tuck or wait. Many women experience loosening of their abdominal muscles after pregnancy, especially after multiple pregnancies. A tummy tuck will allow the abdominal muscles to be tightened during the procedure, so it's best to wait to have one until after you are finished with your pregnancies. This can help you avoid extra surgeries to correct subsequent changes to your abdomen.

Additionally, no matter how good a your dietary habits are or whether you avoid gaining unnecessary weight during pregnancy, there is still a high possibility of having excess abdominal skin and/or stretch marks after a pregnancy. Waiting until after you have children to have a tummy tuck can prevent undoing the procedure.

Find the Appropriate Procedure

You may believe a tummy tuck will solve all of your problems, but the procedure is limited in what it can fix or may be unnecessary for minor concerns. For example, if you have small amounts of excess skin and stubborn abdominal fat, liposuction combined with exercises to build your abdominal muscles may give you the desired results. By removing the extra layer of fat and increasing the size of your abdominal muscles to take up extra space, the appearance of small amounts of loose skin will be less obvious.

However, if you have many areas of loose skin, a full-body tuck will likely be a better option than a tummy tuck. During this procedure, much of the excess skin on the abdomen, lower back, buttocks, and legs can be reduced or eliminated. This will allow you to achieve a full-body transformation in a single surgery. If you have excess skin on your upper abdomen and upper back, the reverse tummy tuck and bra line back lift can be used to target those areas.

Prepare for Recovery

Preparing for the recovery is equally as important as preparing yourself for surgery. Depending on your lifestyle, you may not be adequately prepared for the recovery time. In addition to work and family obligations, you will need to consider your approach to maintaining your weight, especially if you easily gain weight. It will take time for you to return to any amount of exercise after surgery and even longer to do intense workouts again. If you rely heavily on strenuous exercise to maintain your weight, you will need to focus more on your diet to avoid gaining weight during your recovery.

Another concern during recovery is swelling. Unfortunately, swelling can take months to subside as your body adjusts. Do not be unnecessarily alarmed by your weight or the way your clothes fit for several months after surgery. In addition to being more stringent about your diet to avoid weight gain, you will need to pay attention to your sodium intake. Some people find even small amounts of salt can contribute to painful amounts of swelling. As a woman, you may notice swelling is exacerbated during your period. If swelling cannot be controlled with dietary measures, your surgeon will likely prescribe diuretics or may use a syringe to remove excess fluid.

Plastic surgery is a considerable investment of time and money. By making sure the procedure is right for your needs and determining the best time to have surgery, you can have more long-term satisfaction with your decision. Find a tummy tuck surgeon through a website like to learn more.


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