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Protect Your Health

4 Tips For Dealing With Chronic Sinus Problems

by Claire Ward

Chronic sinus problems can be confused with colds or even allergies. Since the underlying cause is usually an abnormality within the sinus passages, it can be difficult to treat without a combination of self-care and long-term medical treatments. There are various approaches you can use to gain control over your sinus problems.

Keep Sinus Tissues Moist

Sinus inflammation will often cause your nasal passages to become dry and irritated. Keeping the tissues in your nasal passages hydrated will promote sinus drainage, because mucous will be thinner. The added moisture will also help soothe irritated sinuses. Keeping hydrated is important for thinning the mucous and preventing bacteria growth. Additionally, when the sinuses can drain properly, you are less likely to develop the characteristic pain and pressure of a sinus headache.

Some retail products are made to help you maintain the moisture balance inside your nasal passages. Nasal irrigation is one such method. An alternative is to purchase saline nasal sprays, which are often easier to use between irrigation sessions. If you use certain medications, such as antihistamines or diuretics, you need to be more vigilant about keeping your sinuses lubricated since these medications can dry out your sinuses more.

Choose Decongestants Cautiously

There are many decongestants on the market, such as oral medications and nasal sprays. In general, it is best to use these products for occasional sinus problems related to a virus or infection, not for chronic problems. When you are selecting a decongestant, it will typically state how long you can use the product. Products meant for occasional use will typically warn you that it should not be used for longer than three days. The problem with habitual use of these short-term products is they will cause rebound effects, especially in the case of short-term nasal sprays. You will find your nose much more stuffy than when you started using the product. This leads to cyclic effect of using more products to reduce your stuffy nose.

Find Long-Term Solutions

When chronic sinus problems become unmanageable on your own, you may need to speak with your doctor regarding long-term management. Nasal steroids are a popular choice because they are meant for long-term use and are not associated with rebound effects like many retail products. Additionally, nasal steroids are designed to help reduce inflammation in the nasal passages, which many retail products do not.

Working with your doctor can help you determine whether your symptoms are attributed to sinus congestion, inflammation, or a combination of factors. Knowing the exact underlying cause will help your doctor establish a treatment approach. Routine use of nasal steroids also allows mucous to flow through your sinuses more freely with less chance of being obstructed by inflamed nasal passages, leading to fewer sinus infections.

Consider Surgical Options

In some cases, long-term treatment with nasal steroids may not be enough or they would work better with surgical intervention. The type of surgery you need depends on the specific problem. You may have an old injury to your nose or face that contributed to a deformity in your sinus cavity. Correcting this problem may reduce some of your ongoing sinus problems. In other cases, unblocking the sinuses by removing some of the obstructing tissue can be effective in reducing problems. Most sinus surgeries are performed in an outpatient setting and are done with a camera inserted into the nose. There is little recovery time after the procedure and the minimally invasive nature also reduces post-operative pain, bleeding, and infection.

Many people battle with chronic sinus problems for most of their life and try to manage their symptoms with retail products. There are several treatments available to overcome chronic sinus problems and possibly stop them altogether. For more information on nasal sprays, contact a company like Dymista


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