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Protect Your Health

Pain, Stiffness, and Tension in Your Neck? It's Probably Tension Knots

by Claire Ward

If your neck feels painful, stiff, and tense on a daily basis, you may have tension knots in it. Tension knots can affect anyone of any age, including elderly individuals and young adults. With the right information and tips, you can overcome your neck problems. Here's more information about tension knots, how they affect you, and what you can do get rid of them.

What Are the Causes of Tension Knots?

Although it's not certain as to why tension knots develop in your neck, some sources reveal that a poor posture and lack of exercise may be possible causes. Your neck, or cervical, muscles help you maintain good posture by supporting your head, which can weigh as much as 15 pounds or more. However, hanging your head over your desk when you work, hunching your shoulders when you stand, or sitting with your back slouched can all affect your posture and place stress on your neck muscles. Your neck muscles can tense up, or develop knots, if they fail to relax after contracting

You might think that exercise has nothing to do with your neck, but it does. Exercise allows all of your body's muscles, including the tissues in your neck, to grow, heal, and recover from daily stress, illness and injury. Exercise also strengthens your muscles and encourages blood and oxygen to circulate to them. If you don't move your muscles to complete the functions above, they become sore and stiff from misuse. 

The neck symptoms you experience from having poor posture and practicing bad exercise habits can potentially cause issues with your core muscles, which include the tissues in your abdomen, lower back, buttocks, and pelvic floor. A strong core keeps your body erect when you sit or stand. But if your neck hurts or feels tense and stiff, you may not maintain good posture when you sit and stand. Eventually, your core muscles weaken.

You can take steps to alleviate your symptoms with the right tips.

How Do You Ease Your Symptoms?

One of the things you might do first is develop a daily or weekly exercise plan that includes planks. Plank exercises allow you to utilize multiple muscles at the same time, including your core muscles. You may want to begin with simple knee plank exercises and then move to more difficult moves as your core strengthens. Knee plank exercises allow you to build a stronger core with placing stress on your shoulders, back, and neck.

If you choose to add neck exercises to your plan, it's a good idea that you seek pain-management advice from a chiropractor or physical therapist before you do so. Depending on the health and condition of your neck muscles and other tissues, some exercises may not be right for you right now if they stretch your muscles too much or too far. In this case, you'll need to modify the exercises according to your physical level. Until you see a specialist, you can try little things at home to ease the tension knots in your neck muscles, such as placing a rolled-up towel beneath your neck when you sleep. The towel may help keep your spine, neck, and head aligned during the night.

Finally, take some time to practice good posture techniques to improve your symptoms. For example, you can practice sitting in your work chair or standing up against a wall. If you still have problems sitting or standing properly, consult with a neck and back specialist for professional tips.

For more information about your neck problems or how to get rid of your tension knots, contact a specialist near you, perhaps by visiting sites such as


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