Protect Your Health

Protect Your Health

Tips For Helping Your Overweight Loved One After A Stroke

by Claire Ward

After your loved one has a stroke, you likely want to make sure that he or she is able to get well as soon as possible. One of the main factors that determines how thoroughly and quickly your loved on recovers is the number of post-stroke complications that he or she endures. Your loved one's weight and metabolism could be a problem if he or she is overweight. This could lead to slower recovery from the stroke or a less complete recovery. Here are some tips with dealing with this problem.

1. Invest in Meal Services

Because a stroke can hinder a survivor's ability to move around, he or she is more likely to depend on fast meals that he or she can just throw into the microwave and heat up, rather than stand up and walk around to cook. The foods that can be easily microwaved tend to be loaded with calories, fat, sugars, and salt. This is not good for your loved one's diet, especially if he or she needs to lose weight in order to help his or her stroke recovery. In order to avoid having your loved one do this, invest in a meal service that will deliver healthy meals that are appropriate for your loved one's dietary restrictions to his or her house. This will allow your loved one to get the nutrition that he or she needs, watch his or her calories, and not have to resort to microwaving dinners.

2. Manage Weight Loss

Your loved one might gain a lot of weight after a stroke due to nutritional imbalance, which can be taken care of with the tip listed above. He or she might also lose weight in the form of muscle tissue because of a global catabolic/anabolic imbalance. One way to help avoid this is to work with your loved one on strength training. Increasing the amount of protein that your loved one eats and starting a gentle weight training exercise can help your loved one stop losing muscle mass. Some senior centers will offer weight training programs to patients that do not live there for a fee. Consider providing transportation for your loved one to the facility a few times a week so that he or she can participate in these sessions. This will also help boost your loved one's metabolic processing, which can aid in overall recovery from the stroke.

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