Protect Your Health

Protect Your Health

Head Lice Prevention: 3 Easy Ways To Stop The Spread

by Claire Ward

Head lice prevention is on your mind. Why? You just got that dreaded note – another child (or a few other children) has it, and the school wants to notify all of the parents about the outbreak. Protecting your child from getting some new hair pets has suddenly gone to the top of your to-do list. What can you do to reduce the risk that your child will come home with lice? Check out these easy-to-follow prevention tips.

Stop Sharing

Yes, sharing is caring. And, you teach your young child that it's important for her to share with friends. She should share her toys, share the swing at school and share her hefty Halloween candy stash with you. But, when it comes to head lice prevention, sharing isn't such a good thing. Make sure your child knows that she should never share coats (especially coats with hoods), hats, scarves, headbands, barrettes or any other decorative hair item. She also shouldn't share hair brushes with other children and should only use her own sports equipment (such as helmets or hats).

Careful Contact

Some sports and other kids' activities come with contact. If your child is in close head-to-head contact with another child, the possibility of spreading lice exists. This isn't to say that you need to pull your child off of the wrestling team or tell your little dancer that she can no longer take her favorite class. Talk to your child about close contact issues – especially if you know of a lice outbreak. Along with helping your child to understand how lice get from one person to another, talk to the coach or teacher. Ask them what lice prevention strategies that have in place or how they handle close contact when it comes to an outbreak.

Wash It Out

Washing clothes and linens in hot water that's at least 130 degrees Fahrenheit can help to kill lice and nits. If there are known cases of lice at your child's school, other kids may bring the bugs into your home (even if they have no symptoms yet). Always carefully wash bed linens after a sleepover. If your child stays at someone else's house, immediately wash her pillow, pillow case, and sleeping bag when she gets home.

When your child's school sends a letter home telling you that there's a head lice outbreak, your first instinct may be to hide or at the very least, hide your child. But life doesn't stop for lice. With a few careful prevention strategies and a serious discussion about how to stop the spread, you have a greater chance of protecting your child against these itchy little agents. 


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