Protect Your Health

Protect Your Health

Foods That Can Help Slow The Growth Of Prostate Cancer

by Claire Ward

If you have been diagnosed with prostate cancer, you might feel a sense of relief that the pain you were experiencing has an explanation. You probably also feel scared due to the fact that prostate cancer is a life threatening illness. One way that you can feel better about the overall situation as you are going through treatment is to take some of the treatment into your own hands. You can't do your own chemotherapy, but you can control your diet. Here are some foods that have been shown to help slow the growth of prostate cancer.

1. Try Eating More Soy

The first thing that you should try to work into your diet is soy. The easiest way for you to do this is to get a soy-based protein powder. You are likely going to experience a reduced appetite when you are going through chemotherapy, so it is important that you are taking in smaller amounts of food that have higher amounts of calories and nutrients. Protein powder is going to be an easy, nutrient-dense solution. Keep eating soy after your cancer is treated in order to keep it from coming back.

2. Try Green Tea

Another easy way to slow down the pace of your prostate cancer is to drink more green tea. You will need to make your own in order to ensure that the green tea has been fully steeped for at least five minutes. This releases the chemicals that will help slow down the cancer. Try to make sure that the green tea that you are drinking does not have any caffeine in it because the caffeine can cause your bladder to become irritated, which could be a problem when you have prostate cancer. 

3. Cooked Tomatoes

Another option that you can try is eating more cooked tomatoes. Tomatoes have lycopene in them, which helps slow the growth of prostate cancer. However, you will definitely want to eat cooked tomatoes, such as tomatoes in soups and pastas, rather than fresh tomatoes, in order to maximize your lycopene intake. The reason for this is that the body will absorb more lycopene from cooked tomatoes than fresh ones. Cooking tomatoes with a little bit of oil will make the lycopene even easier to process.

For more information, talk to your doctor. He or she might have other foods that he or she will want you to eat in order to keep your strength up during your treatment.


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