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Protect Your Health

What Parents Should Know About Stitches

by Claire Ward

Cuts and scrapes are a normal part of childhood, but it is an unfortunate reality that some of these injuries will require medical care. In particular, stitches can be a common treatment for particularly deep cuts.

How Can A Parent Know Whether Their Child Needs Stitches?

It can be difficult for parents to know when their child will require stitches. Unfortunately, without medical training, it can be exceedingly difficult to know whether stitches are needed. However, there are some warning signs that may alert you to the need to seek medical treatment. In particular, if you notice that the wound seems particularly wide, continues to bleed after being bandaged or contains debris, you should take your child to an urgent care provider so that the wound can be evaluated and stitched.

Will Getting Stitches Be A Painful Experience?

The process of receiving stitches for the first time can be a stressful experience for a child. This is particularly true for children that have fears of needles. Luckily, receiving stitches is not particularly painful. Although, a little discomfort can be expected, but the doctor will administer a local anesthetic so that your child will not feel the stitches being placed. Following this procedure, it is normal for the treated area to be tender for several days.

What Happens When It Is Time For The Stitches To Be Removed?

After several weeks, it will be time for the stitches to be removed. In the past, this always meant another trip to the doctor so that the stitches could be cut out. However, modern advances have made dissolving stitches more common. These stitches are designed to gradually disintegrate. This can be a much more convenient option for those that may have difficulty returning to the doctor's office. It is still advisable to attend a follow-up session after the stitches have dissolved as this will allow the doctor to verify that the wound has fully healed.

If your child has suffered a deep cut, stitches may be the most effective option for treating the injury. Without the use of stitches, it may be impossible for the wound to adequately heal and infection may be much more likely. By having an awareness of the warning signs that stitches are needed, the amount of discomfort that will be experienced and what happens when it is time for the stitches to be removed, you will be in a better position to help keep your child calm during this stressful experience.  


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