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Protect Your Health

How Acupressure Can Help Ease Wound Pain Without Touching The Wound

by Claire Ward

If you're experiencing pain in a wound that's taking a long time to heal, like a broken bone or a deep burn, you may be seeking relief wherever you can find it. Acupressure can offer pain relief without introducing heavy narcotics into the body, so it's a good option for pain sufferers. However, you might be wondering how massage therapy like acupressure could do this without actually touching your wound. Read on to learn more about the magic of acupressure and what you can expect if you seek this treatment.

Meridian Theory

Acupressure can work in two key ways: by applying pressure directly to the area that's in pain, or by implementing traditional Chinese medicine's meridian theory. Since healing injuries shouldn't be manipulated, the latter is the way to go.

Meridian theory is a concept that the body contains energy channels that flow from head to foot. Tapping into one of these energy channels excites and energizes everything along the channel, not just the part of the body that's being accessed. So for example, if an acupressure therapist worked on a meridian on your right side that runs from your foot all the way to your neck, they could theoretically apply pressure to the right parts of your foot to offer pain relief in an injured shoulder.

Acupressure in Action

Unlike other massage therapies, acupressure doesn't have to be harsh in order to provide benefits. Some types of massage, like deep tissue massage, can be fairly painful, even though they do offer good benefits. However, acupressure can use light pressure to release tight muscles, energize energy channels, and transmit it to parts of the body where it's needed.


Acupressure can relieve anxiety and offer the healing benefits of touch, which can help to soothe your discomfort and speed up the rate of healing. The exact benefits of acupressure depend upon what you're seeking relief from. Various studies have been conducted on the benefits of acupressure, and many have shown remarkable results. One such study revealed that people who had suffered a stroke and were administered acupressure experienced a drop in heart rate. Others benefited from acupressure after enduring mild brain trauma. Chances are if you need pain relief due to an injury, acupressure can help.

Acupressure is a remarkable therapy that doesn't need to lay a single finger on your wound or injury in order to help you. If you need pain relief or want to heal as quickly as you can, consider seeking out a licensed acupressure therapist for support. Places like Academy Spine & Physical Therapy can help with this.


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