Protect Your Health

Protect Your Health

2 Tips For Recovering After Your Labor And Delivery

by Claire Ward

Having a baby is a wonderful and life changing experience for most women, and it is an event that they will remember and cherish forever. With that being said, going through the obstetric labor process, and then delivering a baby, is something that can take a huge toll on your body. While most women are able to recover just fine on their own, there are still certain things that they can do to make the process as smooth as possible. This article will discuss 2 tips for recovering after your labor and delivery. 

Purchase A Donut To Sit On

If you gave birth vaginally, you will likely feel a lot of pain in your pelvic area. Because of this, it is important that you are doing everything that you can to protect this area so that it can properly heal. Most new moms are going to spend a lot of time sitting while holding their new baby, and this can make the pelvic floor hurt even worse. A great way to reduce this pain and pressure is to purchase a donut to sit on. A donut is an inflatable plastic pillow that is a circular shape and has a large hole in the middle, like a donut. This donut is going to raise your vaginal area off of the ground, making it so that no pressure is actually placed on it at all, because of the hole in the middle. 

Take A Sitz Bath

If you gave birth vaginally, then you may have torn during the process or received an episiotomy. This often means that your doctor will need to stitch you up post delivery. You also will be quite swollen in your vaginal area, simply due to the increased blood flow as your body tries to heal. A great way to make sure that your vaginal area is able to be relieved and stay free of infection is to take a sitz bath. This is a bath where you simply sit in warm water that doesn't contain any soaps or other chemicals in it. The warmth of the water will feel soothing to you and will kill any germs or bacteria that may be trying to build up inside of your vagina. Taking these once a day, or more, can go a long way in helping to reduce the amount of pain that you are feeling, and also to ensure that you are as clean as possible without using soap in this area. 


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