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Protect Your Health

Tips For Taking Care Of Your Feet When You Have Foot Pain

by Claire Ward

Foot pain makes you miserable if you stand on your feet all day for work. The strain from standing all day in shoes that don't support your feet can even cause damage to your feet. You might develop tendinitis or fasciitis. Therefore, you want to take good care of your feet and seek treatment from a podiatrist when you have foot pain. Here are some of the ways you can take better care of your feet.

Alternate The Foot You Stand On

If you have to stand in one place for extended periods of time on your job, then shift your body weight around so pressure is alternately relieved on your feet. If acceptable, place a stool beside you so you can place one foot on it at a time for a change of position. Be sure to sit down when you're able so your feet can rest.

Buy High-Quality Work And Running Shoes

It's worth it to buy quality shoes when you wear them frequently. Shoes should have a low heel and good arch supports in them. There should be plenty of room for your toes to move around. Replace your shoes when they show signs of wear because when shoes are old, they no longer provide the support you need.

Elevate Your Feet And Soak Them When You Can

Elevating your feet helps reduce swelling and it takes pressure off the soles of your feet. When you have a chance to rest, put your feet up so they can rest too. Try alternating ice packs and warm foot soaks to help with pain and soreness in your feet. The ice helps with inflammation and pain and the warm foot bath improves circulation and helps your feet recover from a hard day.

Wear Corrective Inserts

If your foot pain won't go away, see a podiatrist for orthotic inserts. These provide padding in the place that you need them when you have a gait abnormality that contributes to foot pain. Inserts can also help reduce pain by adding padding that absorbs shock when you walk or run. A podiatrist can make custom inserts if necessary that help with the type of foot pain you have. By wearing custom orthotics, you'll be better able to heal from your injury and deal with the pain.

Some times you can have foot pain for months or years. Other times it only lasts while your foot is healing from an overuse injury. In either case, seeking medical help, such as from Foot & Ankle Care Center PA, is the best way to help your foot recover as quickly as possible.


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