Protect Your Health

Protect Your Health

Useful Ways That Your Assisted Living Facility Can Manage Your Incontinence

by Claire Ward

When you suffer from urinary incontinence, you might feel a bit embarrassed about this situation. If you live at home, you may be able to effectively manage the condition. However, if there comes a time that it's necessary for you to move into assisted living, one of your concerns might be that your issue will be highly evident and thus leave you feeling embarrassed. The good news is that assisted living facility staff are used to residents with this condition, which means that your facility, a place like Sunnington Assisted Living, will have plenty of ways to help you manage this situation, including the following.

Reminders To Use The Bathroom

One of the challenges that people who struggle with incontinence face is that they forget to use the bathroom regularly. Often, the urge to urinate can come on extremely quickly, and you may not have time to get to the toilet before you have an accident. One of the ways that assisted living staff can help you to manage this situation is to give you reminders to use the bathroom. This could come in the form of an hourly visit, for example, in which a staff member suggests that it might be useful to try to urinate.

Controlling Your Water Intake

People who are incontinent can often get into trouble if they consume too many liquids. Whether you have a couple cups of coffee and some orange juice at breakfast or you sip water while you're playing a game of cards with friends, your bladder could quickly fill up and leave you prone to having an accident. At an assisted living home, the staff can help to control your intake of fluids. For example, staff may serve you just a small portion of fluids with each meal and remind you that seeking additional drinks by yourself could lead to an accident.

Accident-Friendly Furniture

At home, it can be a big deal if you have an accident when you're in bed or while sitting on a piece of furniture. This can lead to a significant cleanup effort and perhaps lingering odors. As your assisted living residence, you'll often use accident-friendly furniture. In other words, the couches and chairs are commonly made of materials that are easy to clean and that won't absorb liquids. Similarly, your bed can be outfitted with a pad beneath the sheets that will catch any urine and prevent it from damaging the mattress.


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