Protect Your Health

Protect Your Health

3 Ways To Improve Ergonomics At Your Small Business

by Claire Ward

As the owner of a small business, it is important to always find new ways to boost productivity. Prioritizing ergonomics in the workplace means carefully designing your office to be as functional and healthy as possible. Doing so has been shown to reduce sick days and improve productivity, efficiency, and revenue. Spending a bit of time and money to improve ergonomics means your employees will be more comfortable, productive, and alert during the workday. Here are a few proven ways to improve ergonomics at your small business:

Hire an Occupational Therapist

The best way to improve ergonomics is to hire an occupational therapist from a company like Lake Centre For Rehab on a consulting basis. They will evaluate your office workspaces, talk to your employees individually, and make specific and actionable recommendations for improvements.

While they will make suggestions regarding things like recommendations for better chairs, they also have the educational background and training to make big-picture suggestions. An occupational therapist can help you put together a comprehensive plan for creating a workplace with less fatigue, fewer injuries or sick days, and improved productivity.

Tailor Ergonomics to Each Individual Employee

Ergonomic solutions are not meant to be one size fits all. When rethinking your office workstations, keep the needs of each employee in mind. While standing desks are a great option for many workers, your employee with a bad ankle will probably be more productive if allowed to sit. An employee with bad eyesight may need their monitor placed closer than the usual recommendation. Different body types, health conditions, heights, and job duties all call for individualized ergonomics solutions.

This is another reason to bring in an occupational therapy consultant since they will be able to create a customized solution for each employee, while also providing general ergonomics suggestions.

Prepare to Update Your Equipment

In some cases, simply adjusting or moving office equipment will make things more ergonomic, but chances are you will also need to invest in some new equipment as well. Ergonomically designed and fully adjustable desk chairs ensure that your employees are not distracted by back pain during the workday.

Examples of equipment you may want to buy include new computer monitors on adjustable stands, high-quality task lighting, and footrests for shorter employees. Your investment in new office equipment will be worthwhile when your staff is more focused and attentive at work.

Making improved ergonomics a priority by following these tips will soon pay off in a healthier and more productive work environment at your small business. 


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