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Protect Your Health

Hemorrhoids After Pregnancy: How Can You Get Rid Of Them?

by Claire Ward

Did you get hemorrhoids while you were pregnant? You may have expected the hemorrhoids to go away after you gave birth. If they're still there months later and haven't been shrinking on their own, you're likely feeling frustrated. Hemorrhoids often make it difficult to wipe properly and they can cause some pain, discomfort, and bleeding. If you don't know what to do to get rid of them, a trip to your primary care physician would be best.

Try a Sitz Bath

If you're looking for quick relief, a sitz bath may help. A sitz bath allows you to soak the buttocks in warm water while sitting on the toilet. You can attach the sitz bath to your toilet before you sit on it, filling it up with warm water and a tablespoon or two of witch hazel. After filling it up, you should try soaking in it on the toilet for at least 15-20 minutes before gently wiping away any excess water and getting dressed for the day. The sitz bath may soothe the discomfort and swelling associated with hemorrhoids.

Talk to Your Primary Care Physician

Although a sitz bath may help you get some relief, you'll still need to visit with your primary care physician to discuss the hemorrhoids. There are different types of hemorrhoids, including internal and external hemorrhoids. The internal hemorrhoids are located inside of the rectum while external hemorrhoids hang out of the rectum.

Topical Ointments

Your physician may prescribe a topical ointment to help shrink the hemorrhoids. The ointment may relieve some of the different symptoms you experience as a result of the hemorrhoids, such as itching, swelling, and even inflammation. You'd need to apply the topical ointment regularly as directed to get the best results from the product.


While some hemorrhoids may go away on their own after using a topical ointment, other hemorrhoids are more stubborn and may stick around for years without budging. In that case, a surgery may be necessary to have the hemorrhoids removed. There are a few different surgical options, which may include using a rubber band around your hemorrhoids or putting in a staple, ultimately keeping the blood from circulating. When the blood isn't circulating, the hemorrhoids will shrink.

If you ended up with hemorrhoids while you were pregnant, and those hemorrhoids haven't gone away despite giving birth, you should use a sitz bath for relief and speak with your primary care doctor. The doctor may prescribe an ointment for you to use or even recommend surgery, providing you with a referral to see a specialist who can perform the surgery.


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