Protect Your Health

Protect Your Health

Benefit From Medical Conditions With Use Of Medical Marijuana Treatment

by Claire Ward

Chemicals in marijuana plants are used to treat medical conditions or diseases and are basically the same chemicals used for recreational marijuana. The only difference is that when you use it for medical purposes, it becomes a controlled medicine. You can benefit from using medical marijuana, but it must be deemed by your physician that medical marijuana treatment is a plan you can benefit from.

Obtaining Medical Marijuana

You must have a written recommendation from a licensed doctor in order to obtain medical marijuana in states that allow its use. So you must have a condition that qualifies you for marijuana medicine. Some states require you to have a medical marijuana ID card. After obtaining that card, you can then purchase medical marijuana from a dispensary store.

Marijuana Plant Chemicals

A marijuana plant contains more than 100 different chemicals that are called cannabinoids, and each of these cannabinoids has totally different effects on your body when used. Cannabidiol (CBD) and Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are the main chemicals that are used in medicinal form. Note that THC does produce the high that people who smoke recreation experience. They also feel that high from eating foods containing THC. Below are a number of medical conditions that benefit from the use of medical marijuana.

Conditions Treated With Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana is used to treat Cancer, Alzheimer's disease and Crohn's disease. The product is also used to treat glaucoma and eating disorder diseases such as anorexia. Mental health conditions like schizophrenia and post-traumatic stress disorders are also treated with medical marijuana. Multiple sclerosis and muscle spasms are also treated with cannabis. However, the greatest amount of evidence for the therapeutic effects of cannabis is for its ability to reduce chronic pain and nausea and vomiting that are associated with chemotherapy treatment. Note that cannabis ingredients are very similar to the chemicals your body produces, which normally enhance your memory, appetite, movement and pain.

Can You Develop Addiction While Using Medical Marijuana?

The National Institute On Drug Abuse maintains that marijuana can be addictive and may lead you to using other drugs. That school of thought notes that THC is what causes you to have a high when you use it as a recreational drug. So when THC levels are monitored by your licensed physician, there is a lesser chance for you to develop an addiction to medical marijuana. Talk over any concerns you may have with your licensed physician.



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