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Protect Your Health

3 Interesting Facts About Tinnitus

by Claire Ward

Your hearing is an imperative part of your life. From listening to music and the morning news to communicating with others, the importance of hearing should be easy to see. Unfortunately, there are many conditions that affect your ability to hear. Tinnitus is one condition that you may not realize affects your daily life in dramatic ways. This ringing inside the ears is annoying, but it also affects your ability to hear. This guide will teach you a few interesting facts about tinnitus.

It's More Common Than You Probably Think

One of the most surprising facts is that tinnitus is more common than you may think. As a matter of fact, the condition affects an estimated 30 million Americans.

Age is not a factor when it comes to tinnitus either. Surprisingly, the disorder can affect children, teens, adults, and the elderly.

Symptoms of Tinnitus Vary from Person to Person

Ringing in the ears is the most common symptom associated with tinnitus, but that is not the only symptom someone with the disorder may experience.

Other sounds that tinnitus causes in the ear include a buzzing, roaring, whistling, or hissing sound. For some people, the noise is constant. For others, the noise occurs only periodically.

Tinnitus may also lead to dizziness and headaches because of the noise inside the ear. Many patients with the condition also have excess drainage from the ear canal, which is an indicator of an underlying infection that may be the root cause of the tinnitus.

Finally, hearing loss is a problem that many people with tinnitus face. The noise blocks the person's ability to hear or the tinnitus may stem from another issue causing a person's hearing loss.

Treating Tinnitus Is Possible

If you are experiencing the signs of tinnitus, visiting an audiologist is key for effective treatment. Fortunately, there are many options available. Your treatment will be based on the specific cause of your tinnitus.

If your tinnitus is caused by fluid inside the ear, you may require a surgical procedure that places a tube inside the ear canal. This opens up the canal to improve drainage, reducing fluid and preventing tinnitus. The surgical placement of the tube can also help if your tinnitus is caused by an infection related to fluid buildup.

If your tinnitus stems from hearing loss, your audiologist may recommend wearing a hearing aid. These aids are not cures for the tinnitus, but they can counteract the high-pitched noise of tinnitus that is associated with your hearing loss.

Contact a clinic, like Wakefield Hearing Center, for more help.


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