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Protect Your Health

How Allergy Treatments Protect Animal Shelter Workers Who Develop Cat Allergies

by Claire Ward

A large number of animal lovers either work on a volunteer basis at an animal shelter or start an animal-based career there. Unfortunately, these individuals are at a high risk of developing problems, such as cat allergies, that could threaten their career. Thankfully, treatments are available.

Animal Shelters Expose Individuals To Many Animals

People who want to work with animals, either as a veterinarian or an animal control officer, may get their start in an animal shelter. Here, they can work with dogs, cats, and other pets and help take care of forgotten and abandoned animals. However, these individuals will be exposed to high volumes of animal dander every day at work.

Most of the time, this problem won't be an issue because most people aren't allergic to cats and can work in this environment without complications. Unfortunately, some individuals may develop cat allergies later that complicate their career in many ways.

Cat Allergies May Develop At Any Time

The strangest thing about allergies is that they may develop in a person at any time. Though most allergies typically develop when a person is quite young, continued exposure to allergens could trigger the body to react to it in a negative way and cause a serious and lifelong allergy.

For example, a person working in an animal shelter may be exposed to cat dander for hours a day and suddenly develop an allergy to their feline friends. Obviously, people struggling to breathe in this environment will struggle to succeed and may need to change careers without allergy treatments.

Fixing This Problem

Most allergy professionals will suggest avoiding allergy triggers as much as possible to prevent health complications. However, an individual working in an animal shelter has no choice but to work with animals almost every day. They may be able to suggest to their bosses that they don't work with cats, but the cat dander will still be present in the air.

Thankfully, multiple types of allergy treatments can minimize this issue as much as possible. For example, antihistamines can eliminate congestion and help a person breathe easier. Some people even use allergy shots to improve their immune system and to minimize their reaction to cats. These treatments will probably be necessary every time a person goes to work in a shelter.

However, these treatments are a small price to pay for someone who loves animals. Working in a shelter like this can be a good first step towards a career helping out animals, so getting high-quality allergy treatment is a wise choice.


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