Protect Your Health

Protect Your Health

Older Adults: Is There A Way To Achieve And Maintain A Healthy Body Weight?

by Claire Ward

If you're an aging adult who struggles to reach a healthy and sustainable weight, keep trying. Although some aging adults struggle to gain weight, many individuals in their 60s struggle to lose weight. The health risks and problems associated with being overweight can be great for some adults. Learn about the potential challenges you might face being overweight and how you can tackle them below.

Can Being Overweight Complicate Your Health?

Although not all older adults experience health issues in their golden years, some elderly individuals can. One of the issues many older adults may face, but not know how to address, is obesity. In a number of cases, being overweight may be just as harmful to your health as being underweight.

Individuals who are overweight may face a number of challenges in life, including choosing the wrong foods to eat. Your body can lose many of its vitamins and minerals as you age. If you don't replace the lost nutrients through the right types of protein, fats, and vegetables, it can affect your health in general. 

Some individuals also face digestive problems as they age. These digestive issues can prevent your body from utilizing the nutrients it receives through your meals. Many of the nutrients you need can help you manage and control your weight, including some B vitamins and iron

If you struggle with the nutritional problems above, speak to a weight management clinic for advice and assistance.

How Can You Strive for the Right Weight and Achieve It?

Weight management clinics and doctors don't just treat people who need to lose weight. Doctors may also help individuals reach their ideal weight. Help may come in the form of a weight management program. 

A weight management program allows doctors to do the following:

  • design meal plans that contain the necessary vitamins and minerals your body requires
  • place you on an exercise plan that encourages your metabolism to work better and stronger
  • show you how to choose and plan meals at home
  • supplement your nutritional needs with shakes and other snacks when needed

Once you reach your ideal weight, doctors may change your meal plans periodically to help you maintain it. You may also need to visit the clinic for regular progress updates on your nutritional needs. The visits allow doctors to address any issues you might have about the program. 

If you can't manage your weight, gain weight, or lose weight on your own, contact a weight management clinic for information today.


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