Protect Your Health

Protect Your Health

Suboxone And The Benefits Of It To Your Long-Term Sobriety

by Claire Ward

Opiate addiction is a tough battle. For anyone who has tried to detox from pain medication or heroin, trying to cope with the side effects without support often leads to a relapse. Suboxone is a medication used in opiate addiction recovery, and it is an effective tool for those struggling with an addiction to opiates and working hard to recover. While some people may say that being on Suboxone means you're not really sober, this is far from the truth. It is a prescription medication designed to help you stay sober for the long term, and you are sober when you are taking the needed medication.

Reduce Your Chances of a Relapse

Suboxone, also known as buprenorphine, is an opiate, but it is not the same as risking your life taking heroin or Fentanyl. When you take the medication as prescribed, your chances of a relapse are greatly reduced. You aren't at risk of an overdose when you are on Suboxone, and you aren't going to be dealing with the serious withdrawal symptoms that often lead to a relapse.

Suboxone Does Not Create a High

People on Suboxone treatment are not getting high off of the medication. It is used in place of Methadone, which can produce a slight euphoria. There is a ceiling effect to using Suboxone, and you won't be able to get high no matter how much you take. Even if there is a slight euphoria produced in the early stages, this goes away quickly and doesn't come back.

It Is Medically Assisted Treatment

Suboxone is medication, and it is used to treat an addiction to opiates. While your body gets used to the medication and begins to rely on the Suboxone, this is the same for other types of medication you take as well. Just as you wouldn't stop antidepressants without consulting your doctor, you don't stop Suboxone treatment until you are ready to.

Suboxone Controls Your Desire to Use Opiates

When you are taking Suboxone, your desire to abuse pain medication or heroin sharply decreases. You have done damage to your body while abusing opiates, and Suboxone helps your body heal from the addiction.

When you take Suboxone, you are doing a medically assisted treatment to help you work through an opioid addiction. You are sober, even when other people tell you otherwise. For more information, reach out to professionals who handle Suboxone recovery treatment in your area.


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