Protect Your Health

Protect Your Health

  • Conflicted About Your New Hearing Aids? Don't Give Up Before Trying These 2 Tips

    For some people, their first experience with wearing a new hearing aid can be a rather unpleasant surprise. Loud sounds might sound painfully loud, voices may sound tinny or far away, and you may have trouble interpreting what people are saying. What you may not realize is that your brain has adjusted to your limited hearing, and needs time to adjust back to being able to hear normally again. You probably didn't notice the first adjustment, as hearing loss tends to be very gradual.

  • Head Lice Prevention: 3 Easy Ways To Stop The Spread

    Head lice prevention is on your mind. Why? You just got that dreaded note – another child (or a few other children) has it, and the school wants to notify all of the parents about the outbreak. Protecting your child from getting some new hair pets has suddenly gone to the top of your to-do list. What can you do to reduce the risk that your child will come home with lice?

  • Understanding Whether You Need a Pelvic Exam When Starting Birth Control

    If you have decided to start using birth control, whether you want an oral contraceptive or an implant device, you should make arrangements to see a gynecologist. Your gynecologist will likely ask you to go through a pelvic exam before a prescription is provided to you. You may wonder what this has to do with birth control and whether or not a pelvic exam is necessary. Is a Pelvic Exam Good for Your Health?

  • Tips For Helping Your Overweight Loved One After A Stroke

    After your loved one has a stroke, you likely want to make sure that he or she is able to get well as soon as possible. One of the main factors that determines how thoroughly and quickly your loved on recovers is the number of post-stroke complications that he or she endures. Your loved one's weight and metabolism could be a problem if he or she is overweight. This could lead to slower recovery from the stroke or a less complete recovery.

  • Preschool Children: Starting School and Recognizing Hearing Loss

    As your child enters preschool, they are going through a lot of changes and new experiences. The new environment that your child is in can help reveal a lot of how your child reacts to specific situations and also reveal specific things about their health and body. One thing you or a teacher may notice more in the preschool environment is your child's ability to hear. This doesn't mean listening or following directions, but the actual process of hearing.

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Protect Your Health

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