Protect Your Health

Protect Your Health

  • Strabismus: Just Because Your Child Passed An Eye Exam Doesn't Mean They're In The Clear

    Does your child seem to have vision problems? Has their pediatrician checked their eyes and determined that there's no cause for concern? Your child may have strabismus, a condition that can worsen over time and lead to long-term vision problems or total vision loss. Why Your Pediatrician Missed The Signs Strabismus is a condition that interferes with how the brain interprets the signals sent to it from the eyes. In a person without strabismus, each eye sees an image, but those images are combined into a single image before the brain receives them.

  • What To Do When A Rash Develops Under Your Wedding Ring

    Getting engaged or married is one of the most important events in life, but wearing that new ring quickly becomes a pain instead of a pleasure when a painful rash develops. No matter how the rash appears or affects you, there's a few common causes that all create this kind of reaction. Finding the cause and treating the symptoms will allow you to wear your ring again without any irritation.

  • Understanding And Treating Glaucoma Without Going Ga-Ga

    Your underlying physical health is important, so you may visit your doctor and dentist each year for regular exams. Unfortunately, you may not be placing enough energy into the health of your eyes and vision. From a simple vision impairment that you can correct with laser eye surgery to an itchy, watery eyes from allergies, visiting your eye doctor for routine exams is an additional element in the proper care of your body.

  • 7 Ways To Deal With Hypertension

    If you were recently diagnosed with hypertension, also known as high blood pressure, you are not alone. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 70 million U.S. adults suffer from this disease. However, you do not have to rely entirely on medication to control your high blood pressure. If you make some simple lifestyle changes, you can live a healthier life. Here are seven effective ways to deal with hypertension:

  • High Risk Pregnancy: How Can A Stair Chair Lift Protect You And Your Baby's Health?

    If the stairs in your multiple story home are too difficult to climb during your high risk pregnancy, protect your health with a stair chair lift system. A stair chair lift is an effective way to ascend curved, sloped and straight staircases of all heights and widths. A chair lift reduces stress on your hips, legs, feet, and back because it has special features and accessories that improve your comfort and safety.

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Protect Your Health

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