Protect Your Health

Protect Your Health

  • How To Prepare For Root Canal Therapy To Reduce Discomfort

    If your dentist has made arrangements for you to receive a root canal at some point in the near future, then you might be quite afraid of actually going through with the treatment. Root canals are often a feared treatment with more than half of the population feeling apprehensive about the therapy. Thankfully, statistics show that less and less of the American public fear root canals each year. This is often due to the public debunking of common root canal myths.

  • 3-Step Guide To Making And Using A Homemade Retainer Cleaner

    After having your braces taken off, your orthodontist probably gave you a retainer to wear to keep your teeth aligned. Because it needs to be cleaned on a daily basis, you may be looking for a natural, homemade cleaner to soak it in every night. If so, use the three-step guide below to make and use a solution using ingredients found in grocery stores and pharmacies. Step 1:  Make A Vinegar Infusion

  • Three Important Transgender Hormone Replacement Therapy Questions Answered

    Transitioning to your true sex isn't easy; it's a long, complicated process that can stir up a wide range of emotional and physical issues. But, for the majority of transgender individuals, it is also a process that can be incredibly healing. One of the most common ways medicine augments the transitioning process is through the use of hormone replacement therapy. If you're just starting on your journey with hormones, this article will help you to better understand how and why medication can help.

  • Answers to Common Questions About Inguinal Hernia Repair

    Have you recently been diagnosed with an inguinal hernia that needs operative repair? If so, you aren't alone; this surgery is one of the most common medical procedures in the world. As with any medical procedure, though, it's normal to feel worried and seek answers to common questions. Get all those questions answered right here in one place by reading the information below. Your Hernia Doesn't Hurt -- Do You Really Need Surgery?

  • Talking Trouble: Understanding Speech Difficulties Due To The Lingual Frenulum

    Learning to talk is a natural process for children. They pick up words, meanings, and sounds, but some children have trouble forming different sounds correctly, leading to impairments in speech which can be difficult to correct later in life. A lot of speech trouble is caused by incorrect muscle memory or psychological problems, but they also be cause by a tight or incorrectly positioned lingual frenulum.  What is the lingual frenulum?

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Protect Your Health

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