Protect Your Health

Protect Your Health

  • Diagnosis & Treatment of a Skull Fracture

    A fractured skull is not a simple injury; the skull is vital to your health because it protects your brain (a vital organ) from injuries. This is one of the reasons it's dangerous to forgo medical checkup after an auto crash; if you don't seek prompt medical care, your skull fracture may not be diagnosed in time. Here are some of the diagnosis techniques doctors use for skull fractures: Imaging Techniques

  • Get Rid Of Unsightly Fat Bulges With Coolsculpting

    No matter how well you eat and how much you exercise, sometimes you just can get rid of excess belly fat. Now, thanks to an FDA-approved technology, you can freeze those fat cells away with a process called CoolSculpting. Here's what you need to know. How Does CoolScupting Work? Fat cells are frozen with a special tool that use cold air without damaging the skin. The frozen fat cells eventually die and are eliminated by the body.

  • Topics To Discuss Before You Go Home When You Have Terminal Cancer

    Many people who are battling cancer spend considerable time at hospitals that specialize in cancer care. However, when it becomes clear that your battle with cancer is one that you will not win, you might wish to think about going back home to spend your final weeks or days. Before you go, however, there will be many important discussions to have with your doctor and care team so that no topic is overlooked.

  • Useful Ways That Your Assisted Living Facility Can Manage Your Incontinence

    When you suffer from urinary incontinence, you might feel a bit embarrassed about this situation. If you live at home, you may be able to effectively manage the condition. However, if there comes a time that it's necessary for you to move into assisted living, one of your concerns might be that your issue will be highly evident and thus leave you feeling embarrassed. The good news is that assisted living facility staff are used to residents with this condition, which means that your facility, a place like Sunnington Assisted Living, will have plenty of ways to help you manage this situation, including the following.

  • Understanding Why Viruses Are Not Treated With Medication By Pediatricians

    If you want the best care possible for your child, then you may choose to take your son or daughter to the pediatrician whenever they feel ill. In many cases, the physician will inform you that your son or daughter has a cold or flu caused by a virus. These types of illnesses cannot be treated and they will need to run their course. Some parents will insist on a treatment, but treating the illness can actually do more harm than good.

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Protect Your Health

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