Protect Your Health

Protect Your Health

  • Is Blepharoplasty Right For You? Advice For Men

    More than 160,000 people underwent blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) in 2013, and the procedure is popular with men and women. The number of people having blepharoplasty increased 5.4 percent compared to the previous year, and this procedure is now the third most popular type of plastic surgery in the United States. If you're thinking of having this work done, you should learn more about the procedure, and find out if there are any special considerations that men should make.

  • Special Delivery: 3 Effective Labor Positions For Home Births

    Regular medical interventions during childbirth are the norm for hospital births. Physicians often err on the side of caution, which may contribute to the high c-section rate in the United States. Furthermore, in the hospital, it is common to keep women attached to heartbeat monitors that significantly impede the use of natural positions to progress labor. While laboring at home, you remain in control of your movements and positions throughout the labor process.

  • How Can 3D Printing Revolutionize Inventions?

    If you've ever thought of inventing a new device or product -- or even perfecting a current device -- you may be wondering how to get started. Building a device from scratch can be time-consuming and complicated, and making the dozens of alterations that may be required for your product to become functional are even more complex. However, with the rise in 3D printing technology, the ability to rapidly create complex prototypes (as well as quickly make changes to these prototypes) has reached an unprecedented level.

  • 10 Risk Factors For Skin Cancer And 1 Sure-Fire Way To Fight It

    Skin cancer is an issue of growing importance in the United States. It was not long ago that sun worshipers bathed their bodies in cocoa butter, baby oil, and even mayonnaise to achieve that much-desired dark tan. Times have definitely changed. In addition to being aware of the dangers of tanning, Americans now know to look for warning signs of skin cancer and to minimize as many risk factors as possible.

  • Get Help For Your Depression By Visiting Your Primary Physician

    Suffering from depression and anxiety is not something you should be ashamed or embarrassed about. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, over 40 million Americans suffer from some type of anxiety disorder. Getting help for this problem is something you should consider, and your first step towards finding relief should be a visit to a primary doctor at a medical clinic. The Initial Consultation During your initial visit with your doctor, you should explain how you have been feeling.

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    Protect Your Health

    A few years ago, my father visited a dermatologist for the first time in his life. During this visit, he was diagnosed with several skin cancers. Thankfully, my dad’s dermatologist expertly removed these cancerous spots. If you’ve haven’t visited a dermatologist before, consider doing so sooner rather than later. Many forms of skin cancer are completely treatable if they’re detected early. Besides seeing a dermatologist, you should inspect your skin for any changes regularly. This is especially important if you have numerous moles on your body. On this blog, I hope you will discover ingenious tips to help you protect your health. Enjoy!